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Elwood High School

If, like me, you’ve surfed the web looking for some information about Elwood High School, then you'll have probably found there's very little about the old high school available online. This is a bit of a puzzle, since many students attended the school over the years. And, disappointingly, the Elwood College website doesn’t supply any school history nor does it give an account of when it changed from Elwood High School to Elwood College.
I decided to create this site purely to record a few bits and pieces that I can recall about my own days at Elwood High School during the period 1969 to 1971.
If you attended EHS during that time, I hope this site helps you to recall some of your old friends and hopefully some good times during that eventful time in history. 
Apologies if some of my facts are wrong, if I have your name wrong or if you’re just shown as a complete blank! Let me know & I’ll correct whatever is amiss.
[This site does not purport to be an official EHS website.]


I'm pleased to report that since originally creating this humble little website it's helped to put several ex-EHS students in touch with each other.  And thanks to the site, I've been contacted by three ex-classmates from my days at the school.

A big thank you to everybody who has commented or provided information - I'm still hoping to hear from more old friends.

60th Anniversary Celebrations

Elwood College
Celebrating 60 Years

November 2017 saw the 60th anniversary year of Elwood High School - now Elwood College. A reunion was held on Sunday 26 November 2017, with many ex-students attending.  A number of ex-students have posted photos of the reunion on Facebook  - see the Elwood High School group (this is a public group; anyone can visit/see the group, its members and what they post - you don't have to have a Facebook account). 

Elwood College is always looking for any past students whose life story might inspire young people, or if you have a particular skill or career expertise you would like to share. If you're interested and would like to be involved, you can contact Elwood College at:
Email: alumni@elwood.vic.edu.au

Elwood College is redeveloping its premises on the site of the old high school.  Sadly for those with memories of the old high school, little remains of the way it was.  But the school had to redevelop - let's face it the old high school buildings had served their purpose and todays students deserve appropriate facilities.  Below is a view - as a reminder - of the way the old high school once was.

About the School


Elwood High School was located at 101 Glenhuntly Road in the inner Melbourne suburb of Elwood. The Elwood College – a public secondary college – now occupies the site.

The school was bounded on the south side by Glenhuntly Road, Shelley Street on the northern side, Elwood Canal on the east side and by Goldsmith Street on the west side.


The school was not an architectural masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination! It had a functional 1950’s design that consisted of a number of long, single storey buildings arranged to flow around the western, northern and eastern sides of the block. A canteen block sat separately, creating an assembly quadrangle between it and the classroom block running along the northern boundary. There was no assembly hall at the time – that came later, in the 1970’s I believe.

The classrooms all had large glass areas, providing good natural lighting. The separate buildings were interconnected by covered walkways, making transfers between classes so much easier on those rainy days.

A low, cyclone-wire type fence enclosed the grounds.

About Me

I lived in Elwood from December 1968 to December 1971. I am one of five children. My older sister attended Star of the Sea, a catholic girl’s school. My two younger sisters attended Elwood Central School and my young brother went to Elwood Pre-school. My father worked for the Commonwealth public service and his work meant that our family was posted to different places quite regularly. Prior to arriving in Melbourne, we had been in Canberra for 3 months, Singapore for 2 years, Canberra, for 3 months, Cairo for 2 years, Canberra & Hobart 3 months, New Delhi 4 years. You get the picture.

We lived at 73  Ormond Esplanade in Elwood and I walked to and from EHS every day.

After Elwood, my family finally settled in Canberra, where I attended Woden Valley High School from 1972 to 1974, then the Canberra College of Advanced Education (now University of Canberra), studying Geography & Geology. I have worked here in Canberra ever since, married in 1990 and raised a family of 3 children. I'm now semi-retired, working occasional temp jobs.


1966 Class M1

Before my time at Elwood High School, but many ex-students will be interested to see this.  If you can offer any additional names or corrections, please email me and I'll fix it! This is a photo of Form M1 in 1966:

[Photo: courtesy Miriam Hicks, certain corrections supplied courtesy Gary Wise] 

Top (L-R): Valda Nigel, Tony Clark, Warren Howard, Charlie ?, Robert Newton, Michael Newton, ?, Roy Wood, Chris Chittendon, Tony Douge
Row 1 (L-R): Ute Beckhauser, Miriam ?, Carolyn Rowe, Kym Austenberg, Margaret Irving, Rosemary Bates, Glenys Bush, Naomi Jessop, Miriam Hicks, Mary Jandrich, Pam Jones
Row 2 (L-R): Sandra Cameron, Chrys ?, Ruth Boyar, Coralie Hope, Tania Maniewicz, Allison Carter, Barbara Leiser, Mary McMillan, Sue Ellis, Wendy Collie, Helen Cormick
Front Row (L-R): Warren Fineberg, Arthur Lubenfeld, Russell Ragget, Ingolf Walter, Alan Leong, Mark Grimes, Alan McGuire, -


1967 - Class 2B

Another photo of a class before my time at EHS, but for those who see old classmates - please enjoy the memories.  This is Form 2B of 1967:

[Photo: courtesy Miriam Hicks] 

Top (L-R): Homer Lambridis, Norman Keegle, Oscar Florinini, Warren Fineberg, Leshak Hetnal, Thomas Hyland, John Healy, Mark Graeme

Row 1 (L-R): Eva Domsek, Pam Jones, Miriam Hicks, Mary Jandrich, Margot van de ?, Coralie Hope, Sue ?, Sue Dixon, Rachel Hoffman

Row 2 (L-R): Sheryl ?, Jacob Pat, Alan Posen, Tom White, Gary Macanopoulis, Daniel Grange, Basil Kabba, Aberhard Kunz, Neil Williams, Helen Cormick

Row 3 (L-R): Linda Hodder, Sandra Drysdale, Gina (Rita) Gepejean, Mrs Jamieson, Warren Howard, Mrs Ellis, Irene Hofken, Judy Corvan, Miriam Hicks.

Front Row (L-R): Marilyn ?


the year the Americans went to land on the Moon. 

When we got to school on the morning of 21 July 1969, we were told, a little belatedly, that we could have time off from class to go back home and watch Neil Armstrong step onto the Moon. We were also told that we had to come back to school afterwards! Oh yeah … like WHO did that??? (...me!). A small group of kids were watching the telecast in one of the Admin building classrooms when I returned, but otherwise, the school was deserted.

1969 Form 2D

 [Photo: courtesy Gary Peters] 

Top (L-R): Marsha ?, Martine Negrine, Zilly Piesly, Shirley Rowe, Jan Rogers, Rhonda Musat, Pat Stanfield, Ida Migliorelli
Row 1 (L-R): Carlos Scheinkestal, Jarek Samuel, Gary Reidel, Joe Ruberto, Rachel ?, Joe Rush, Barry Rabin, Leslie Posen, Barry Ridgeway
Row 2 (L-R): Andree Hoestzel, Gary Peters, Len Purdi, Stanley Nirenberg, Noel Saffer, Paul Salt, Jim Rodick
Row 3 (L-R): Pam Myerscough, Michelle Rowe, Gilda Parish, Silvia Rabitch, Joanne Noble, Vera Plevnik, Marlene Mills, Helen ?, Jacquline Roberts
Front Row (L-R): Janet ?, Ann Peters, Christine ?

1969 Form 2E

Our roll teacher was Mr Youd, but we also had Miss Gibby (English - she married over the summer of 69/70 and became Mrs Groeneveld), Mr Yeung (Maths), Ms Rankin (Art), Mr Whitehead (Drama) and Mr Crabtree (French).

[Photo:Mark Rowland]

Top (L-R): Jan Watts, -, Evelyn ?, -, Karina Ulms, Peggy Simmons, -, Olga Weisl
Row 1 (L-R): Leon Zelcer, -, Mark Rowland, Faye Williams, Gail Warwick, -, Garry ?, Robert Selby, Tony Tominello
Row 2 (L-R): Rene ?, Boris Srkulz, Dale Turner, -, Kerry Urich, Brian ?, Steven Wesley
Front Row (L-R): Barbara Smith, Beverley Warwick, Sharon Stewart, Tom Wilson, Peter Unger, Roy Smith, Jackie Young, Sian Williams, Linda Vargas.

[a certain symmetry - how coincidental that the two kids in front of me in the above photo - Boris and Sharon - have been in contact with me after 40 years or so! We've lived a lifetime since we last saw each other, but it's wonderful to know we shared the experience of early high school together. And my thanks also to Gary Peters for helping me put together so many of our classmates names.]

1969 Form 4A

[Photo: courtesy Gary Wise]

Top (L-R): Dale Peters, Gary Wise, Cornel Cockburn, Tony Douge, John Wilson, Gary Cowen, John Sounis, -, Johnathon Fernandez, Daryll Reilly
Row 1 (L-R): Barbara Leiser, Leon Bakunowicz, Harvey Streagar (dec'd), Eberhardt Kunze, Michael Gross, Leon Fent, Neil Willims, Arthur Zattleman, Marshall Toohey, Prue Speed
Row 2 (L-R): Mary Spanos, Ildiko Szucs, -, Sue Ellis, -, Karen Solomon, -, Sylvia Solinski, Sue Dilger
Front Row: Tania Maniewicz

1969 Form 5B

[Photo: courtesy Ken Lewis]

Top (far right): Ken Lewis

1969 Recollections and a Relic

I’m not completely sure if it was 1969, but the school had a visit from Doug Parkinson and his band (Doug Parkinson in Focus). They played outdoors, near the southern side of the school. It was loud! Amazing to think that Doug has been playing gigs ever since!

During the summer holidays, nearby Elwood Beach was routinely packed with people. Remember how Radio 3XY (or was it the ‘Good Guys’ at 3AK (“where no wrinklies fly”)?) would occasionally send a mobile broadcast unit to the beach and hand out advertising freebies etc?

Favourite lunchtime activity at school in 1969 – playing “4-square” on the marked courts on the asphalt.

Relic : The only example of any work I retain from my days at EHS is a carving I did in one of Mr G. Jones’ Woodwork classes in 1969. We were given a flat slab of pine, various chisels and a mallet then told to carve a fish. I remember feeling a bit ripped off – "gee Jonesy ... my slab of pine has a small knot in it with a hole running through from one side to the other". However, I quickly saw an opportunity and it became the eye of my fish. On the back I scratched my name and the year. Of the other wonders that came out of Woodwork class was a wooden lamp base, which served for quite few years as my bedside lamp, before something more fashionable from a department store usurped it.


… the year that a section of the West Gate Bridge collapsed during construction, killing 35 workers. It was October the 15th and I was listening to the radio at home when the first newsflash came out. I grabbed my dad’s field binoculars and looked out from my bedroom window (which was on the second storey of our bayside house in Ormond Esplanade – see picture below). I could see a lingering cloud of dust. The section that had fallen had only just been visible between some other buildings the day before, but was now gone.

73 Ormond Esplanade, Elwood, Victoria
[Photo: Mark Rowland]

1970 Form 3G

Roll teacher was Mrs Groeneveld.

[Photo: Gary Peters]
Top Row (L-R): Soo Liang, Leon Zelcer, Frank Madarassy, Gary Reidel, Barry Rabin, Peter Jensch, Raynor Hoph, Rosemary Marsic
Second Row (L-R): -, Valerie Kiraly, Gilda Parish, Jackie Young, Karina Ulms, Simone Behrman, Marlene Mills, Susan Herbst, Elizabeth Acs
Third Row (L-R): -, Leslie Posen, Gary Peters, Leon ?, Stanley Nirenberg, Frans Howert, Dieter Froheler, Glenn ?, Peter Lakos, Hannah Len
Fourth Row (L-R): Sylvia Rabitch, Paul Bronstein, Linda Vargas, Bobby Cvetkovich, Mrs Groenveld, Henny Friedman, Jim Rodick, Danuta Hornowicz, Walter Dodge
Front: Olga Weisl

1970 Form 3S

Our roll teacher was Mr Baxter. Other teachers included Mrs Groeneveld (nee Gibby) (English), Mr Moore (Maths), Mr Kleinman (Geography), Mr Berry (Science), Mr Whitehead (Drama), Mr Crabtree (French), Mr Allemand (Commerce) and Mr Vandenberg (PE).

 [Photo:Mark Rowland]
Top Row (L-R): -, Karen Dixon, Susan ?, -, Ann ?, -, Margaret ?, -
Second Row (L-R): -, Leslie ?, -, Tina ?, -, -, -, -, Carol Lam
Third Row (L-R): Bill Glass, Jarek Samuel, Mark Rowland, Joseph Rush, George Chouri?, Nasser ?, Joe Ruberto, Vladimir ?
Front Row (L-R): Paul Salt, -, -, Rhonda Green, Stanley Nirenberg, -, Paul Glaser, Linda Carter, Noel Saffer

1970 Form 3A

Roll teacher was Mr Heard.
[photo: Mandy Diamond]
Top Row (L-R): Pauline Bishop? -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -
Second Row (L-R): -, -, -, -, Lorraine Bishop, -, -, Danny Cassar, -
Third Row (L-R): -, Rocky ?, Greg Hibbens (?), -, -, Lazlo ?, -, -, -, -
Fourth Row: -, Andre ?, -, Glen Cockburn, Mr Heard, -, -, -, -
Front Row (L-R): -, -, Mandy Diamond

1970 Form 2B

[photo courtesy of circled kid]

Mrs Bates’ class

1970 Form 5C

[Photo: courtesy Gary Wise]

Top Row (L-R): -, -, Gayle Watts, -, -, Ruth Selover

Second Row (L-R): -, Magdalena ?, -, -, Darryl Reilly, Gary Wise, -, -, -

Third Row (L-R): Mark Grimes, Jacques ?, Jo Roth, Graham Massey, -, Cornel Cockburn, Donny Psarakis, Mark Wasowski

Fourth Row: Charles Shermann, -, Pat Mahoney, -, -, -, -, -, Tony Douge
Front Row (L-R): -

1970 Recollections and a Relic

This year:
  • the school had a concert performed by Zoot (remember them – all dressed in pink! Apparently, one of the guitarists was none other than Rick Springfield),
  • our class was visited by Sean Scully (Aussie child star in several Disney flicks) and we all got to ask questions of a Hollywood star; and
  • we raised money for a new school assembly hall by going on a walkathon from the school down Brighton way somewhere (to Black Rock I think).

Relic : Staffing was a constant source of trouble for the school in 1969/70/71. I remember how industrial action by the staff occasionally resulted in a half or even a full day off school for the students. The letter to parents below gives you an idea of the troubles faced by Mr Powell and how it was managed (to think that I went on to tackle a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Geography!). I don’t recall why it was so difficult to retain staff at EHS, I suppose it was lack of appropriate remuneration (as ever for teachers).


… the year that St Kilda played in the VFL Grand Final only to lose to Hawthorn by 7 measly points!  I listened to the match on the radio, hanging on every word, chewing my fingernails off as Rod Galt failed to steer a loose ball through the goals in the dying minutes of the game.
For the record … in front of a crowd of 118,192, Hawthorn 12. 10 (82) defeated St Kilda 11. 9 (75).
 It would be twenty-six long years before St Kilda would reach the Grand Final again. 

1971 Form 4G

[Photo: Gary Peters]
Top Row (L-R): Valerie Kiraly, Elizabeth Acs, Marlene Mills, Carina Ulms, Francis Taylor, Alison Wise
Second Row (L-R): Raymond Capkin, Leon Zelcer, Gary Reidel, Barry Rabin, Dragon Milenkovich, Fathom Illeris, Gary Peters
Third Row (L-R): Leslie Posen, Bobby Cvetkovich, Walter Dodge, Nick Head, Peter Unger, Paul Bronstein, Isaac Gnieslaw, Peter Lakos, Mr Vertigan
Front Row: Henny Freidman, Christine Bleimshein, Jackie Young, Linda Vanagas, Soo Liang, Maggie Simonis, Susan Herbst, Danuta Hornowicz, Olga Weisl.

1971 Form 4S

Our role teacher was Mrs Marcia Vodika, who also took us for English. Other teachers included Mr Eccles (Geography), Mr Vertigan (Science), Mr Jones (Commerce), Mr Crabtree (French), Mr Youd (Art) and Mr Whitehead (Drama).
  [Photo: Mark Rowland]
Top Row (L-R): Joe Ruberto, Danny Cassar, -, Rocky?, Arthur Telepsis, Phillip Bell

Second Row (L-R): Stanley Nirenburg, Joseph Rush, -, Christine Allen, Martine Negrini, Allan?, Jarek Samuel

Third Row (L-R): George Chiari?, Mark Rowland, -, John Platanius, Geoffrey Jeffs, Gary Cole, Lazlo ?, Paul Salt

Front Row: Jill?, Karen Dixon, Carol Lam, Ann Peters, -, Janet?, -, -, -.

1971 Form 3T

[Photo: courtesy circled kid]

1971 Form  6D

[Photo: courtesy Gary Wise]

Top Row (L-R): -, -, -, -, -, -, -
Second Row (L-R): David Martin, Jo Roth, Arthur Zattleman, Johnathon Fernandez, Gary Cowen, Gary Wise, -
Third Row (L-R): Carolyn Rowe, Michael Gross, -, Bill Robertson, Michael Schindler, Tony Douge, Cornel Cockburn, Magdalena ?
Front Row: Ruth Selover, Tania Maniewicz, -, -, Mr Whitehead, -, -, Mooi Lin, -

1971 Recollections

  • Favourite lunchtime activity – playing table tennis in the canteen block,
  • Gary Cole chatting too much in Science class one afternoon and consequently sent to the front corner of the room. As the class proceeded, Gary, feeling awkward about being in the corner, began fidgeting absent-mindedly with the CO2 fire extinguisher on the front wall. He then leaned on the extinguisher handle, accidentally setting it off & releasing a cloud of CO2 gas in a deafening whoosh!!!Gary must have run faster than an Olympic sprinter, because he was at the back of the classroom in the blink of an eye! [Gary later became a Socceroo and played for Australia between 1978 and 1982, then subsequently coached at the AIS in Canberra, although I never caught up with him while he was here. Last I heard, he was back in Melbourne as operations manager for the Melbourne Victory soccer club],
  • A chase scene in Division 4 (a popular Crawford cop TV show of the time) was filmed at the intersection of Glenhuntly Road and Spray Street – I think it may have been morning recess, so we got to watch as they did several takes, with a white police Valiant zipping around the corner in spectacular fashion; and
  • Qantas took delivery of its very first Boeing 747 jumbo and brought it into Australia via Melbourne – it flew in very low, approached from the south across Post Phillip Bay and flew directly over my house in Ormond Esplanade on its way to land at the new Tullamarine Airport (thanks Qantas, it made my day!).
[photo courtesy of Qantas website:http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/media-room/historical-images/global/en]



… the year that I started at a new school in Canberra.  But Gary Peters has provided me a copy of the photo below, with some of my old classmates who carried on at Elwood High:

1972 Form 5E

[Photo: Gary Peters]
Top Row (L-R): Joe Ruberto, -, -, Stanley Nirenburg,-, -, Arthur?,-, Gary Peters

Second Row (L-R): Greg Hibbens, Paul Salt, Roy Smith, -, Tom Wilson, -, -, -

Third Row (L-R): -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -

Front Row: -

Teachers 1969 - 1971

This is a list of teachers compiled from memory and from my old school reports:

Powell, A.L Mr
School Principal
Allemand, D. Mr
Ansell, D, Mr
Baxter, C.R, Mr
Berry, J, Mr
Chalmers, R, Mr
Crabtree, P Mr
Eccles, Mr
Groeneveld (nee Gibby), C. Ms
Jamieson, J.R.
Jones “not known to me” Mr
Jones, G Mr
Kwiatkowski, A.
Kleinman, A
Moore, B.E., Mr
Rankin, E, Ms
Saunders, N
Stagg, J. Ms
VandenBerg, J Mr
Vertigan, Mr
Vodika, M., Ms
Whitehead, P Mr
Wills, Mr
Yeung, W
Youd, J. Mr



On 15 February 2013, Irene wrote:

"Thanks for your contribution to Looking Back to Elwood High School Days.
It is exactly what I am looking for. I hope you will mention my blog to other past pupils and make our Blog grow.
Regards "

You can contribute your recollections of Elwood High School on - go to Irene's blog at:
Looking Back to Elwood High School Days
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  1. Hi
    I attended EHS from 1966-1971 Louise Donne then and now Louise Solomn, I live in the ul with my husband and 2 boys and the head teacher was Miss Treewurn she was a horrible headmistress, my classes was 1b,2b,3b
    My best friend was Linda Morrison does anyone remember theses years or any pictures .

    1. I remember the "EVIL" Miss Trewern!! :) My favourite teacher was Mr Crabtree (French) and I found Mr Pittock a very inspiring and creative teacher of English (English literature) My friends were Carol Hale, Paula Fisher and Fiona McGrath Not necessarily in that order
      I was in Form 4 in 1970 :)

  2. Hi Lou! Thanks for posting a comment about EHS. I don't remember Ms Treewurn, she must have been just before my time. It was Mr Powell as headmaster while I was there. cheers, Mark

    1. The girls called her "the Treeworm" and made jokes about her warning to us not to button up our cardigans because "it excites the boys." BUT - the girls did owe her a debt of gratitude in one area: she had our uniforms redesigned - by a professional fashion designer. I remember she had one of the younger, prettier teachers, Miss Dower(winner of a Julie Christie lookalike contest) wear it all day before announcing it was the new summer uniform. The winter one was even nicer - I met a family member one day in the street while wearing it and she thought I hadn't been at school because it sure didn't LOOK like a uniform. The jacket had no school logo on it, so I wore it for years after, and people kept asking where I got that great jacket. So - Miss Trewurn, not so evil! Just a bit strange.

  3. Hi, Mark.
    Great website! I was hoping to talk to you about using one of your class photos for the 2014 Elwood College Historical Calendar.
    Could you possibly contact me at michael.mulcahy@jwt.com?

  4. It was lovely to read about EHS .It has left a smile on my face. I attended EHS from 1967-1971 and was a few years ahead of you. However,I remember Alison Wise as she shared my surname (and I think) lived in my street and she was very pretty. I also remember Sian Williams as she was the younger sister of my classmate Neil who was expelled for trying to burn down the school. Miss Gibby once criticised me for "going silly. I remember Mr. Youd's hair piece, Mr Powell's lunchtime tipple,
    Mr Will's millions of children. My classmates included Robert & Michael Newton, Leon Fent, Dale Peters, Jo Roth, Sylvia Solinski and many more. I noted a Urich in one of the photos - I watched the moon landing at Vincent Urich's flat near the canal and the golf course. The only person I have caught up with has been Leon Fent (at his trivia quizzes) but would love to hear from anyone nostalgically like minded.- Gary Wise

    1. Gary, it has been a long time since I heard the names you mentioned above. Always had good memories of EHS. Ildiko

    2. Hi Gary, Alan Maguire here. Loved your recollections of teachers and students. David Pittock and Paul Crabtree were my favorites and inluenced me in my later teaching career. I also counted Neil and Sian Williams as well as Warren Feinberg (who is now head of the Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick), Ute Beckhauser and Rob and Mick Newton among my best friends. Love to catch up and share more. My email is gumbirra@hotmail.com

    3. OK, it seems a few us remember Sian Williams! It would be great to hear from you Sian - if you're out there and reading this, please let us know what you're doing these days.

    4. I would also love to catch up with Sian and Neil and share some good memories.

    5. Gary, I'm pretty sure I was in the class you described above; I especially remember Sylvia (Danny) Solinksi, Dale Peters, Robert and Michael Newtown and Leon Fent. Also Marshall Toohey was in that class - always getting into scrapes with the maths teacher Mr Maguffie. I also remember getting into hot water once or twice with Miss Trewern who was a mean old ****. I came down from Sydney some years ago and a friend and I persuaded the school to let us look through the yearbooks - there were loads of them just sitting in the library - I hope they'e still there. So I found my 14year old self! I also remember Warren Feinberg who was in the first class I was in -2b. My family lived on Tiuna Grove. It's great to see so many people have fond memories of the school - I didn't really like it but I loved living in Elwood, wagging school and going into the city and generally acting up. I also remember seeing Doug Parkinson and Focus, and Zoot - they lived up the road from me. Good times

    6. Hi
      I was in 2b louise Donne, and yes Miss Trewern was an ever woman, my fav was Mr Ansell I spent most of my time looking out the window, although I loved pe, my best friend was Linda Morrison now Wizel and Gary Cowan was my first love , anyone have any photos from these years 1b,2b, etc as I lost a lot when moving to uk.

    7. Hi,
      I was also at EHS left 1971 louise Donne , I was in 2b lived in beach avenue, walked over the canal. Miss Trewern was a evil woman, my best friends were, Linda Morrison, Gary Cowan, Many Diamiond, I live in the uk has anyone got photos from these days as lost the lot .

    8. Good to hear from you Louise. I also left in 1971, but for Canberra. What took you to the UK? The very few EHS-related photos I still have are posted on this website. Such a shame we didn't all have iPhones back then (or maybe we were lucky not to??!!). The 1970 class photo of 3T has you in it, I believe? Also Mandy Diamond. If you, Linda Morrison and/or Gary Cowan are in that photo, please advise which row/location and I'll add names to the class list.

    9. Hi my name is Miriam Hicks. I was Miriam Janover. I attended EHS from 1966 to 1970. I left after Forrm 5. I have all the school photos but am unsure how to add them to this blog. Any suggestions would be grateful. I had lunch on the weekend with some of the ex students. Gary Wise, Alan Macguire, Sue Ellis, Ute Beckhauser, Lynda Green and Chrys Egonidis. It was a lot of fun catching up and reminiscing about the schoold days. My freinds at school were Sandra Drysdale, Sandra Hunt, Angela Centonza, Rosemary ? Despina Ionnidis. chhers for now Miriam Janover

    10. Hi Miriam,
      I'm happy to add your photos. Please scan a good copy and email them to me at:


      regards, Mark

  5. Ildiko Szucs I presume.Hello and thanks for reply. I remember you from school but I don't think we ever spoke.There were 3 names that were hard to spell - yours, Leon Bakunowicz and Susan Burstynski. Just typing these names brings up another 20 or so straight away.
    My wife recently ran into Alan Gregory who was my form teacher in either year 8 or 10. He didn't stay long at EHS but moved onto better places. I see his son occasionally who is also a teacher.
    I wonder whether Mr Whitehead, Mr & Mrs Crabtree, Miss Dowd (the Julie Christie lookalike), Herr Fugedi, Mrs Lewulis, Cal Elsoff and so on are still alive. It was 43 years ago.
    The thing that annoyed me most about EHS, was that my parents contributed to the building of the hall for years for me and my older brother Danny and I've never been it.It was built after we left. - Regards Gary Wise

    1. Have a look at Looking Back at Elwood High School Days and Looking Back at Elwood Central Days websites
      I would love to have your contributions Irene at elwoodhighschool@hotmail.com.au
      I recall Mr Crabteee, Mr Fugedi and Mr Lewulis

    2. Hi, here I am. There's a z in the name. You won't have trouble finding me, I have a children's book blog, The Great Raven, a Twitter account and a Livejournal. The book blog has my email address on it. I see some familiar names, though I think Mark was younger, so no familiar faces in the pics. But thank you!

      "The Treeworm" gave the girls a uniform they didn't have to be embarrassed by, unlike the current one. It was designed by a fashion designer and I wore that jacket, sons logo, for years!

  6. Been a very long time im only in the mrs bates photo still see harold farinski around and remember mandy diamond and a few others thanks for the memories Trevor Pickett i used to own scott the dog he got a report in form 5 better than mine

  7. Does anyone know anything about Gilda Parish?

  8. Hi there,
    I was listening to Red Symons this morning and he had someone singing her school song. Got me thinking about Elwood High School's School Song. Does anyone remember it? I can remember most of the words - can't believe they had us singing them!
    Faith and diligence, our supreme alliance by which we truly reach ............................,
    In this strength find we true self reliance,
    Fide et Diligencia, Fide et Diligencia,
    Our task is to face, evil onset boldly with defiance.

    This is a great site - I went to school 1966 - 1971 and lots of the names mentioned are familiar.

    Carolyn Rowe

  9. Oops just remembered some more words to the school song

    Faith and diligence our supreme alliance
    By which we truly reach human hands unto God.
    In his strength find we true self reliance.... and on it goes


  10. Carolyn - Great to hear your name.The last time I saw you was when you waved goodbye to Michael Schindler, David Martin & I when we left on the end of year hike.I remember your face clear as day (although I'm sure it's chahged somewhat). Did your mum work in the tuck shop ? Does Greg Li ring a bell ? He used to mention you at Uni.
    Ring out the clarion call of duty, Unfurl the flag of faith and toil etc etc. What a pompous song it was for a school with a seahorse as a logo.
    Regards Gary Wise

    1. HI Gary,

      Yes I do remember you and what fun we had with the bushwalking. Jan Phillips one of the teachers - do you remember her? She ended up taking one of my daughters bushwalking when she was in secondary school in Emerald. Certainly a great career. And yes I do remember Greg - he introduced me to chrysanthemum flower tea - a bit outside my comfort zone at that time!

  11. Hi Carolyn and Gary,
    Gary you were a friend of my brother Donald and Carolyn we were involved in both Gymnastics and Hockey with the above mentioned Jan Phillips.
    It brought back memories!! Christine B

    1. Don Beddoe is it ? Lived off New St - Passed away in Perth - A fellow demon supporter. I was thinking about him recently. I remember you and wasn't there an older brother also ? Assuming it is Don Beddoe, I got in terrible trouble with my parents when Don and I painted a billy cart pink and sat in it in our school uniforms while it was still wet. - Nice hearing from you - Gary W

    2. Hi Christine
      Yes, the Gym club was memorable and I still have photos of me balancing precariously on a beam - and as for hockey, well I don't think we ever won a match ... but it was fun getting muddy and running around trying to score that oh so elusive goal.

  12. Hi there

    Reading your blog made me think of the old maroon PE uniform with the big bloomers and the fun drama classes. I went to Elwood High School from 1971 to 1976, then I was Julie Ack Hing and now Julie Rayner. I live in country NSW with my husband and dogs. I remember Mr Eccles who was a great geography teacher and Mr Jones who taught commerce(social studies). I remember Mr Jones telling us in social studies that the essential things to know in life were how to fill in a tax form and learn to drive which turned out to be useful advice. I recall hanging out with Robin Blake and Ruth Mitelman. Also remember Mr Feore the physics teacher and recollect some of the disaster experiments.

  13. Good job.l too was there too from 69 to 73 ( two cracks at 4th form ). I too lived in Ormond Rd. 154 l recognise many of the names and anecdotes and have a few stories myself some may remember or may even have been involved. We remained in Elwood until the late 80s (my daughter going to the primary school and having the same teacher l had when l went there) until relocating to the Far North. Estranged from most due to tyranny of distance, we (my wife also an EHS girl) have in the last decade rebuilt many bridges via social media outlets such as this. Thanks for the effort and l ll drop back in soon with one of those stories.

    1. Thanks Bruce. Your name rings a bell! Good to from you and we look forward to any recollections you would like to share.

  14. Thank you for putting my website reference on your site
    I can be contacted at elwoodhighschool@hotmail.com.au and you can search for the site by keywords Looking back at Elwood High School Days on Google
    You may also be interested in Looking Back at Elwood Central Days and my email elwoodcentral@hotmail.com.au
    I would love to have your memories of the school events to post on my site which is a little different from this one.

  15. Recently I read an article on Mr Pittock (EHS history teacher) on elwoodhighschool.yolasite.com. Just so happened that I was at his 78 birthday party the following weeks. You will be pleased to know that is is well, lost some weight. After a health scare last year, he has pretty much recovered, and in fact looking forward to a travel holiday this year.
    You may remember Mr Pittock was very kind to is students - especially to the few overseas students at EHS. They gave him a Chinese name - Fei Loong (meaning flying tiger). However this rhymes with another Chinese word Fey Low (meaning the fat guy). This was used in jest, but now overseas student calls him affectionately as the fat guy :).
    There were a few ex students at the birthday party. There are photos that may be of interest to you. He is on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/david.pittock.1 I am sure he would be delighted to hear from his formal students.
    Andrew Wong

  16. HI all, Sue Constable, current Elwood College school councillor.
    Hope you are all checking out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FriendsElwoodCollege/ for current news and pics of students at the school. 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the school, stay tuned for updates on what will be organised. This coincides with our wonderful new building being opened. Go to the Elwood College website to see a FLY THROUGH of the building... great stuff. Thanks, Sue

  17. Hi all. Enjoying this blog and info on Elwood High. Although I was there in mid 60s & didn't stay til Yr 12.
    I have a Facebook Group...."Elwood,Vic ~ Memories & History". For anyone who lived, schooled or worked in Elwood. Be happy to Welcome you there. Regards, Nicholas Atkins.

  18. I went to Elwood High School in the 60s & my brother did when it opened in the 50s. I hear there may be a Reunion on the Anniversary of its opening next year? You may like to join the Facebook Group, for people who lived & schooled in Elwood..... "Elwood, Vic ~ Memories & History"

  19. I'd love to hear about the reunion, but don't have a Facebook page and refuse to get one. Not a good idea for a teacher and anyway, I have three blogs and a Twitter account. That's enough social media to maintain. Any other way to find out?

    Nice to hear Mr Pittocck is still around. He went on to teach my sister Mary's boys at Brighton High - he didn't know her when she came on parent teacher night. She'll be pleased to know, though.

    I occasionally see Gary Ciddor, whose wife Anna is a friend of mine through children's writing.

  20. My Name is Miriam Hicks. I was Miriam Janover. I attended EHS between 1966 and 1970. I left after completing Form 5. I have all the school photos but am unsure how to add them to this blog. Any advice would be appreciated. I attended a lunch with some ex students on the weekend. Gary Wise, Alan MacGuire, Lynda Greene, Sue Ellis, Ute Beckhauser. Chrys Egonidis, we had a lot of fun reminiscing about school days. My friends at school were Sandra Drysdale, Sandra Hunt, Angela Centonza, Despina Ionnidis and Rosemary ? Anyway Cheers for Now Miriam

    1. Hi Miriam! I remember you. Sandra Drysdale was a good friend of mine, Rosemary... Goodness, now I've forgotten her surname too! Woodhouse? How's Alan? The last time I saw him was at my 21st birthday party. I think he gave me a C.S Lewis book. I heard he had become a teacher.

    2. Hi Sue, Yes I did and it's great to hear your recollections. As Miriam said there is a small bunch of us who have been having an organised lunch from time to time. Ute Beckhauser usually is the organiser. Love to catch up with you some time. I live in Mornington now where I have a business brokerage and jewellery business but come to town a couple of days a week to teach real estate. Email is alan@maguiresrealestate.com. Alan Maguire

    3. Hi Sue, Not sure if my attempt to publish worked. Great to hear your 'voice'again and I hope you enjoyed the book - he was my favorite author for a while. Yes, I have been in and out of education most of my career, including stints in France, Korea, Tahiti and New Caledonia. Currently running a business brokerage and pearl jewellery studio from home but teach real estate in town two days a week so if you feel like catching up sometime my email is alan@maguiresrealestate.com Ute Beckhauser has been organising lunches from time to time so maybe you can join us next time. Alan Maguire.

    4. Hi Sue, Yes I did and it's great to hear your recollections. As Miriam said there is a small bunch of us who have been having an organised lunch from time to time. Ute Beckhauser usually is the organiser. Love to catch up with you some time. I live in Mornington now where I have a business brokerage and jewellery business but come to town a couple of days a week to teach real estate. Email is alan@maguiresrealestate.com. Alan Maguire

    5. Miriam - good hear from you. This is Carolyn Rowe - now Cusworth - I finished Form 6 in 1971 and I am sure we were in the same class, maybe 3G - do you remember Mrs Turner trying to teach us shorthand and typing? I also remember Despina and Alan McGuire - it would be good to catch up some time.
      Can't remember my google login so hope this publishes.

    6. Alan and I caught up recently in the city. Goodness, Alan, you've had a much more exciting life than mine! It was great to see you again.

    7. Thanks Sue. It was great to catch up too. Hi Carolyn - if you want to catch up or join our lunch group you can contact me on alan@maguiresrealestate.com. Alan.

  21. Hi Miriam, Thanks for your feedback. If you could scan a good quality version of each photo, I'll upload them onto my blog. You can email the scans to me at:
    regards, Mark

  22. Hi Mark,
    Tony McCall here. I did 4 years at EHS, finishing Year 12 in 1970. I remember most of the teachers' names here; students too! Was Mr Brown mentioned(Accounting, Commerce)? And yes, I was there watching Doug Parkinson. Another band, Iguana ("California My Way") played at our Year 12 social as well. I got the 'cuts' from Mr Will(Deputy Principal) one time for mucking up in our Maths B class(poor old Mr Perczuk). I think I was also part of the naughtiness when we did the infamous Planetarium trip as well.
    I eventually became a Librarian at two universities. So, maybe I turned out okay! However, I have remained a numerical idiot - shoulda 'concentrated more in class'.
    Well done with the site here Mark.

    1. Thanks for visiting Tony. Sounds like you settled down after being a very naughty boy, lol. Mr Will/s always struck fear into me - he had that reputation for administering the cuts and I didn't ever want to go near him! I have one Form 6 photo for 1971 on my site now thanks to Gary Wise. Let me know if you're in it so I can identify you to your old classmates. Alternatively, if you were in another Form, send me a good quality scan of your class photo and I'll post it her for you.
      regards, Mark

  23. Thanks Mark. 1970 was actually my last year. I do have Form photos of my classes though for '69 and '70 if they're of any use to you.

  24. Hi Mark, great website! I was a student at elwood high between the years '73 - '77 so I'm outside your '71 cut-off but wanted to say g'day anyway. I started in the year the school decided to go uniform-free. From memory, there were many unimpressed parents who'd just spent heaps on the appropriate kit for their kids. Mine raved on about it for ages.
    I recognised a few of the teachers names in your list notably Mr Pittock who I remember as being a bit of a spitter when he spoke, a tad liberal with the aftershave but a really great teacher who enjoyed his job. Good to hear he's still hanging in there. I remember Mr Whitehead as well. I had 5th form english with him. All in all elwood high was pretty good. All the best, Micheline.

    1. Thanks Micheline, good to hear from you. Yes, I agree, some of our teachers were really good!

    2. Hi folks - Mark here. On behalf of Micheline (Mich), I pass on this message to all: Mich is desperately keen to make contact with Carmen Furlan, Vicki Black, Zelko Sabeljak (spelling?) or Rodney Wilson from her Elwood days (1973 - 1977). If you are one of these good people, or if you can help with contact details - would you please contact me by email. Or just post a comment here on my blog. Many thanks

  25. They certainly have uniforms now! Ugly ones, unlike the amazing girls' uniform of the early 70s, which didn't look like a uniform!

  26. Hi Mark, noticed there's a reunion on Sunday 26th November 2017. Am hoping to get there. Any chance u might be going. Have had contact with Roy Smith Patricia Stanmore.... looking for any news of Sian Williams and Steven Wesley. Looking forward to the reunion.

    1. Hi Sharon, good to hear from you again! As I live in Canberra, getting to Melbourne is a bit of a trek but I think I will try and get there for the Sunday anniversary celebration. If I do go, I would love to catch up with anybody from my 'era' including yourself and Roy and any others. I've had no contact from anybody who knows about Sian Williams' or Stephen Wesley's current whereabouts. Like you I would like to meet with them once again. I'll update this site later to confirm if I'm attending. cheers

  27. Hi Mark, great to see the blog is still going. Noticed a reunion on Sunday 26 Nov 2017... will be aiming to get there. Looking for any info re Sian Williams and Stephen Wesley. Have been in touch with Roy Smith and Patricia Stanmore.

  28. "Sadly, the College will eventually be saying goodbye to the original buildings on Shelley Street and Goldsmith Street. These buildings hold many memories for former students and teachers BUT will be available for a final visit during the anniversary celebrations."

    Um, I don't think so. I rode past the school this week. The whole administration block (and I guess class rooms, music room, detention room, locker rooms, maybe library) along Goldsmith Street has been demolished. Of course I did Matric in '63 so the layout might have been different by the time the younger people got to the school.

  29. Hi Mark . There is a new Facebook page , just started , that is collecting school photos from the whole Elwood / St.Kilda area over all time periods . Can I urge you to add you photos to that project ? So many people , like me , have lost their old school photos .
    It is an extension of the one year old I GREW UP IN ST.KILDA / ELWOOD page .
    Regards , STEVE ( ex St.Columba's Glenhuntly Rd )

  30. OK Steve, I will aim to add my photos to the Facebook group soon. Thanks,

  31. Hi
    I did not actually attend EHS but went to South Melbourne Tech and lived in St Kilda. I lived in a block of flats with students who did attend EHS. So I am definitely interested in the above I GREW Up IN ST KILDA page. I used to live next door to 2 sisters, Kathy and Shirley Matei who attended Elwood.Never seen them mentioned in any EHS sites. I also edited the South Tech school mag Pan and we used to write any salacious gossip we heard about EHS. Interestingly, when I finished year 11 I applied to go to Elwood to do matric but was told that I lived outside the EHS zoning system.Which was odd given the 2 girls next door went there!!

    1. Today I was 'promoted' to the school photos site helper in chief :-) You seem to have a lot of knowledge of the area . We are using a simple system for uploading the photos so as the make the archive 'searchable' . If you add a description of the photo , such as " Elwood Primary School , 1971 , Class 4" , that format makes the individual photos retrievable by the 'search' function in Facebook . Any more detailed info can be added in the comments fields . Already there are dozens of photos and it is looking good :-) Thanks , STEVE

  32. Hi great blog, there is a couple of EHS fb pages if youd like to join and connect with others. Theres also photos a plenty for stealing or sharing....Cheers Wendy. Greg is posting a link to your blog also.

  33. Hi Mark,
    Great blog on the EHS history.
    I have linkend it on our wall.
    All past/present students please Join us

  34. Well done Mark.
    The photo with Mr Heard in a sling was Form 3A 1970. Great Form teacher.
    There will be a reasonable turn out from our year (Form 2 1969...HSC 1973).Looking forward to the day and catching up with every body. Chris Denegris has arranged to come down from Sydney!
    Regards Jack Cyngler.

  35. Hi Mark. What an interesting blog! Thank you so much for preparing and hosting it, especially as we lead into the 60th Anniversary weekend this coming Sunday. I have lots of names for two of your photos, 1970 3A and 1972 5E which may help fill some of the missing blanks. Let me know the best way to get them to you. I am quite often in Canberra so perhaps we could get together for a coffee. I am looking forward to visiting Elwood from Sydney next weekend.

    1. Hi Chris (I remember your name but not the face!). Please send all the names to my email address which is: just1australian@gmail.com
      I will not be able to attend on Sunday so I'll just have to forever picture the school buildings the way they were and as still remain in my memories. It would be great to catch up for coffee when you're in Canberra - you have my email address, just let me know when and I can suggest somewhere near to wherever to you happen to be staying. cheers,

  36. Attended EHS for a 12 month stint in 1971 aged 12 / 13 before leaving to return to the UK. Cant for the life in me remember the form number but my mates at the school, to name a few, were Mark Hodge, Chris & Anthony Blair (from Scarborough UK), Peter Cooper, Tony Bell and Andre Garnou? (sorry if the spelling of the surname is wrong Andre). The was also George, who was Hungarian but couldn't recall his surname. These guys will now be in their late 5o's / early 60's. I was also a member of the soccer team and if my memory is still doing its job correctly, the teacher who took us for training / PE was a Mr Isaacs.

    1. Hi Mike ... any chance you might have been closer to 15/16 years old? I recall an English fellow arrived during 1971 and he was in at least one my classes ... and his first name was Mike! It maybe just coincidental, and certainly I don't recognise any of the friends names (except perhaps Andre). Were you in Form class 4T by any chance?



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