Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Road to Hollow Tree - John Best

Some readers of my blog will have seen my various posts about my ancestor John Best. I wish to let everybody know that I've retracted all those posts about The Story of John Best. That's because I've converted his story into a book (hardcopy).

The book will be a very limited print run. That's mainly because I imagine only descendants of John Best (and perhaps descendants of his mates John Bell, Patrick Montgomery, George White and Bryan Bennett) might be interested in reading it.

Read about John's story in "The Road to Hollow Tree". It is a limited print, but a hard copy will be available at the National Library, the State Library of Tasmania (LINC Tasmania), the University of Tasmania Library, the Historical Information Centre, New Norfolk and the Ouse Online Access Centre.

For my blog readers - I'm sorry 'The Story of John Best' as it appeared on my blog has now (as of 19 December 2017) been removed. This was necessary to ensure there was only 'one version of the truth' (as they say).

If you have a family connection with the Best family (or the White, Bennett, Bell, McCarthy, Byrne, Littlehales families etc.), I welcome you making contact with me via email.

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