Thursday, November 1, 2012

A.C.T. Election Outcome - Minority Government Yet Again

The good people of the A.C.T. voted on 20 October 2012.  The last Territory Government was a Labor-Greens coalition.  In this election, Labor picked up 8 seats, Liberals picked up 8 seats and the last seat went to the Greens.

So we'll be burdened with yet another 'compromise' Government - one where the majority party (whether it be Labor or Liberal) is dictated to by the sole Green member.

Look at the photo below. 

It's a roundabout in Bonython.  To my mind, it represents the compromised outcomes electors receive from Governments that are beholden to a minority party.

The roundabout has a 'green' element - the native grasses (and weeds) planted in the centre, presumably in an effort to minimise the environmental impact (i.e. to be 'green').  A token acknowledgement of the Green way of thinking.  The Labor government, in it's efforts to maintain political hold on government, has agreed to the vegetation in the roundabout, thinking what a wonderful way to have development and 'maintain' the environment.

But we, the people, have ended up with a traffic hazard, because the Labor government failed to recognise that the vegetation needs to be mowed regularly to ensure traffic safety.  Funds for mowing regularly are inadequate (because mowing is never done often enough), so we've ended up with this ridiculous hazard.  Great roundabout, but visibility for drivers is dreadful.

To me, this roundabout symbolizes the outcomes of a coalition government.  An inability of government to deliver its primary objectives because of the need to constantly compromise with the small, but powerful, party holding the power of veto.

Unhappy Jan.

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