Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Junior Jet Club and John Travolta

Many of us who've travelled by plane would keep some sort of souvenir to remember the journey. Maybe an inflight mag or sometimes a teaspoon (not that airline-branded metal teaspoons are supplied any more). Keeping a souvenir is uncommon these days in an era when air travel has become an unremarkable event. 

But before air travel became relatively affordable, it carried a certain charm - simply because it was a special experience. I still have a B.O.A.C. coffee mug from a flight made aboard a Comet 4 in the early 1960s. 

I found this T.A.A. brochure and flight log souvenir (below) amongst some family memorabilia recently.  My mum kept it after a flight she made as a youngster following a holiday in Sydney.  The ‘official’ flight log shows a journey from Melbourne to Hobart (Cambridge Airport) with a short stopover in Launceston.

I went through many of my primary school years using a QANTAS travel bag as my school bag! Why not - I've always been a proud Australian and happily promoted the largely unheard of airline on foreign shores. My school mates learnt there were more airlines around than just B.O.A.C, KLM, TWA and Pan-Am.

1965 - here's one of my bags from QANTAS - at the Acropolis, nice and new.

1966 - here's another QANTAS bag,
as I wait for my ride to school.
1967 - and another QANTAS bag (dudes, no comments about the shorts, they were compulsory).

Will today's young air travellers remember their journeys with such fond memories? I suspect they'll miss the experience of flying because they were too busy watching the movie playing in the seat in front of them. Sigh.
Finally, full credit to John Travolta for also promoting QANTAS.  This is his (yes his very own) QANTAS Boeing 707 V-Jet.  Exactly like the planes I travelled aboard (maybe even this very plane):

John Travolta's Image via Wikipedia

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