Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If I Ever Go Back ...

... to India ... I want to go Nainital again.

I was there in 1962.  This is how it looked back then (my Dad took this photo):
And this is how it looks now:

It hasn't changed much!  And that's the way I like it.  This town is a magic hideaway.
'Guide to India' has more detail about Nainital.  I remember the cool mountain air; the scent of wood fires in the early morning as locals cooked breakfast or simply made hot tea. I remember friendly people.

Nainital is where I broke my arm!  I clearly remember the chloroform administered to me as anaesthetic - like being suffocated!  And because I was laid up in a hospital bed, I missed a trip up the mountain with my family to take in the view towards Mt Everest. Here, on that day, are two of my sisters, with Everest somewhere in the distance:

Nainital, I will try hard to return.
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