Monday, July 18, 2011

A Beacon, Not Useless

To me, creating a blog was just an experiment.  A bit like getting a new gadget and asking '... what does this button do?' I posted my first post and sat back expecting ... I don’t know what really.  I just thought something might happen!  A blog seems like a lot of work if you just want to be creative.  On day two, I had given up.  I could see no purpose to a blog. What use is a blog?  Why would anyone read a blog anyway?  You could watch the paint peel off the wall and have more fun.  I nearly dismantled this blog on day 2.

Perhaps the patient side of me won over and I left the blog alone.  I thought about describing some of my family history – only because I realised some time ago that it’s one thing to know all about your own family history, but if you don’t impart that knowledge to others, somehow, then the information is as good as lost.

So a little family history crept into my posts – interspersed with meaningless other stuff and links to cool music (oh c’mon - it really IS cool).

And guess what?  Like a beacon – a lighthouse in the darkness of space – my blog became the connection that has linked me with a line of my family I had no inkling existed. And that connection – yes YOU Kylie – helped me to confirm all my suppositions and deductions about my – our - early Tasmanian connections.

What a wonderful thing to find lost relatives! The world is not as big as we think and we’re all connected somehow. Hi to all the Bests reading this!

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