Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Draw ?#*!!!!

St Kilda withstood Collingwood's attack for the first half.  They gradually reeled the Pies in and then edged past them late in the final quater. The Pies edged a point in front with their last score of the day. St Kilda's final score of the game was a point, levelling the scores at 68 points apiece.

Stunned silence followed.  What now, we all thought. Extra time?  No - a replay a week later!!  Just like back in 1977.  I thought the rules had been changed since then, only to find out that all finals except the Granny go into extra time if there is a tied score at the end of a game.

Oh well ... St kilda get to play in a 3rd Grand Final in the space of 13 months!  For a team that's only ever appeared in 7 Granny's (including last weekends) in over a 100 years, that's gotta be good!


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