Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Draw ?#*!!!!

St Kilda withstood Collingwood's attack for the first half.  They gradually reeled the Pies in and then edged past them late in the final quater. The Pies edged a point in front with their last score of the day. St Kilda's final score of the game was a point, levelling the scores at 68 points apiece.

Stunned silence followed.  What now, we all thought. Extra time?  No - a replay a week later!!  Just like back in 1977.  I thought the rules had been changed since then, only to find out that all finals except the Granny go into extra time if there is a tied score at the end of a game.

Oh well ... St kilda get to play in a 3rd Grand Final in the space of 13 months!  For a team that's only ever appeared in 7 Granny's (including last weekends) in over a 100 years, that's gotta be good!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Grand Final Time Folks!!!

It's almost time ...

Colingwood versus Saint Kilda
The Grand Final parade was held today and, of course, Collingwood fans showed what undesirable types they truly are:

Nick ... you are a true sportsman and you showed that again today.  A win for the St Kilda footy club today and the footy gods will smile on you and the team tomorrow!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Song of the Day

Time again for a musical break.

A little weak? A little pale today?  Looks like its time for that certain holiday! Mambo!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saints Win Their Preliminary Final!

St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

St Kilda overcame the Western Bulldogs in their Preliminary Final.  It was a tense battle in the 1st and 2nd quarters, with the Saints trailing by a goal at half time.  Then in the 3rd quarter, Milne kicked a quick goal to level the scores, and then Riewoldt dominated.  The Saints kicked 7 goals to 1 in that 3rd term to grab a stranglehold on the game.  Make no mistake - it was not just Riewoldt, it was the entire team that lifted.  Milne tackled ferociously. Kosi had some possessions. Schnieder and Peake worked tirelessly.  Gwilt, Blake, Fisher, McEvoy, Gardiner, Hayes etc etc ... all played strong, team oriented football.

Final score:
ST KILDA  1.5    3.6  10.10 13.10 (88)

WESTERN BULLDOGS 3.1   4.6   5.9   8.16 (64)

St Kilda: A Schneider 3 N Riewoldt 3 J Koschitzke 2 S Milne 2 B McEvoy B Peake M Gardiner.
Western Bulldogs: M Hahn 2 B Hall D Addison D Giansiracusa J Grant L Gilbee L Picken.

The Saints now go into a their second Grand Final in 2 years.

The other team to win through was Collingwood, with an easy defeat of Geelong.  This game was over at quarter time, with Geelong looking tired, slow and ... well ... they looked like rabbits in a spotlight. Dazzled and overwhelmed.  A real shame, because I was counting on Geelong to make Collingwood earn their right to a Grand Final berth the hard way.

Next Saturday - St Kilda vs Colingwood.  Last met in a Grand Final in 1966.  St Kilda won by a point.  That was St Kilda's one and only premiership.  Time now to make it two premierships. 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

St Kilda Make it to a Preliminary Final

Friday 3rd September 2010
St Kilda vs Geelong in the first game of the 2010 Finals series. 

What a cracker of a game!   These two teams just slug it out til the end every time they meet.  This time - St Kilda won!!!! That makes it twice this season.  This by 4 points in a heartstopper. St Kilda grind their way toward the Grand Final. 

Collingwood won the other Qualifying Final.  Like St Kilda, Collingwood now have the next weekend off.  But Collingwood fans think they own the 2010 Flag and the Cup already. Well - newsflash all you Pies fans: you now look headed for a grinding game against Geelong.  That will be the end of Collingwood. Go Saints!!!!!


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