Thursday, August 12, 2010

Silver Suited Kids Morph Into Real Individuals

I became a "follower" on Angela Cartwright's blog today! 43 years after getting hooked on the iconic sci-fi TV serial Lost in Space, I browsed through Angie's site and found an interesting artist and photographer. Be warned - her's is very much a girlie site. Nevertheless, I couldn't overlook the opportunity to follow her bloop .. I mean blog, for .. bloop .. old time sakes .. sorry AC!  By the way - if you check out her Altered Paradox blog page, have a look at her street scene paintings.  I wouldn't mind one those in my lounge room. Nice stuff Angela!

AC's blog also links to Bill Mumy's webpage.  He doesn't have a blog, but if you're also a Lost In Space fan, you might like to see what he's up to now.  He's much into music (always was). His webpage also has links to his kids sites (Seth and Lilliana). Lilliana especially has been busy in the Hollywood showbiz lifestyle.  
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